Does Penis Size Affect Male Fertility?

Penis SizeIn addition to erectile problems that can stop and ejaculate, men also still have some fears that interfere with their lives, such as penis size. Men always assume that a small penis both in terms of length and diameter will not be able to satisfy their partner, some even think penis size affects fertility.

In addition to the problem of the size of satisfaction, a penis that is too short is also considered unable to accelerate the occurrence of pregnancy. Men will feel inferior first before having sex because they feel they have difficulty fertilizing their partner until a pregnancy occurs.

Is it true that penis size can affect fertility and pregnancy?

Penis size and male fertility

During this time men always feel that penis size affects fertility or the ability to fertilize. The small size of the penis will be difficult to insert sperm into the vagina and eventually move into the uterus and fallopian tubes. The smaller the penis has, the ability will decrease and fertilization is increasingly impossible.

Based on several studies conducted and reported in Medical Daily, penis size did not have a significant difference. All men who have a penis size below the average can still do fertilization. This can happen because during male ejaculation spurts sperm forward at high speed.

So, even though a man has a penis size of only 10 cm, the possibility of conception still exists. The most important thing from just size is to maintain the quality of sperm so that it can be of the quality so that fertilization can run well and perfectly.

Also, understand the size of the vagina

Before men confuse their penis size, there is one thing they must understand. The size of the vagina is not long. Vaginal burrows only have a size of about 3-4 inches or about 10 cm. With this size, a penis that has a small size can still do fertilization properly.

Men with larger penis sizes may be easier to do conception because the penis can enter easily. So, don’t think about the size of the penis too far. It’s better to think of sperm coming out.

It’s useless to have a long penis if the sperm produced is not healthy. Fertilization will still be difficult if the quality of sperm is not maintained.

Movement of sperm to the egg

Sperm movement is a thing that must be considered also before confusing penis size problems. Although the size of the penis is small and not too long, the sperm will still be sprayed during ejaculation. Furthermore, the sperm does not stay silent but moves nimbly into the cervix until it finally reaches the uterus and fallopian tubes.

As long as sperm is produced by quality men, there is no such thing as confusion. Sex can still run smoothly and fertilization will take place quickly. Improve the health of sperm from the shape, a content of DNA, to movement or motility.

Decreasing factor for male fertility

Regardless of the size of the penis, if a man has several factors below, the chances of a pregnancy happening continue to decline.

  • Men with obesity will find it difficult to produce quality sperm. Therefore, lower your weight to ideal.
  • Men who rarely exercise and are active. The body will tend to accumulate fat that affects testosterone.
  • Bad eating habits.
  • Smoking too often.
  • Eating liquor.
  • The presence or absence of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Wearing panties is too tight and the groin area gets hotter.

This is a review of penis size affecting male fertility or ability to fertilize. So, it is clear that the size does not have a significant effect on fertilization as long as the quality of sperm possessed by men is still good.

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