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Why use a Firefox, when you can have a whole Flock? February 15, 2008

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A funny situation has occurred recently. The Web has evolved, changed so dramatically over the past years that it would probably take me until daylight if I were to tell you all about it, but what is interesting is that we are still viewing this new content through the same web browsers that we were using years ago! If there is Web 2.0, why have not anybody developed a Browser 2.0 for it? Is it possible to the make the most out of this new Web with our old browsers? People at a company called Flock do not think so!


They have created a browser that is built on the same open-source code as Firefox, so the design and safety should be familiar to old Mozilla users and most Firefox plug-ins work with Flock, but beyond that they have changed everything. The first time you open Flock you will realize that it is not really a web-browser anymore but a virtual desktop where all the information that might interest you are in one place. It is your personal information headquarters. Here you can easily access and create web content. With Flock there is no need to waste time logging in to YouTube, Flick’r, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, etc. anymore, because you can have Flock remember your login, and from Flock you can easily view what is happening with your friends over at Facebook, or you can see which one of them have posted a new video at YouTube, or you can blog anything with simple drag-and-drop functions! If you visit Facebook, YouTube or Flickr regularly, or if you are a hardcore a blogger, then Flock is definitely for you!

Flock is a relatively new project, the 1.0 version was released last November, and since then the company has just released the 1.1 version, which supports email such as Gmail, and Picasa, too!

I personally make the most out of the Quill button, that lets me write a post to my WordPress account without leaving the page that I am actually viewing, and I do not need to upload the images I want to use in my posts anymore, because Flock will take care of that as well! Another favorite of mine is the simple drag-and-drop function, which is built-in (so I do not need to use any third party software), and allows me to just take an image and run with it, because Flock will remember the URL of the image, so no chance of plagerism there! Blogging has never been this fast, simple, and fun!

These videos will tell you more about Flock and give you an impression about the overall appearance of the software :

– Andras


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